Chiave di registro per permettere gli attachment eseguibili con le nuove versioni di Outlook

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copiare ed icollare in un file di testo .reg da includere successivamente

NetBeui for Windows XP

The files necessary for installing the NetBEUI protocol on Windows XP are Netnbf.inf and Nbf.sys.
Windows XP Professional does not come with the NetBEUI protocol installed.
Location of files: cdromdrive:\Valueadd\MSFTNet\NetBEUI folder.

Shortcut for Locking the Console

You can lock the console without having to use CTRL+ALT+DEL or a screensaver.
To do so, create a shortcut to rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation, then launch the shortcut to lock the console.
This can be used on both Windows 2000 Server and Professional.

VNC scan service

Welcome to GoToMyVNC’s service scan.
This webservice will run a quick script to see if it can detect any machines on your LAN that are accepting VNC connections from the “real world”. It checks the first ten Displays only, 0 thru 9.
Don’t worry: a real VNC session is not initiated. This just checks to see if your firewall/router/gateway rules are all groovy.