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Blogger Cover

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Sinnead O’Bloggar

It’s been seven posts and fifteen pings
since you took your blog away
I post every night and read all day
since you took your blog away
since you’re on Splinder I can’t read whenever l want
I can see only an error page
I can post via wireless in a fancy restaurant
but nothing
I said nothing can download these blues

cause nothing trackbacks
nothing trackbacks to you

It’s been so lonely without you here
like my home page, a bit too long
nothing can stop these fuckin’ archives from falling
tell me baby where did MT go wrong
I could put my servers on every provider I see
but they’d only redirect to you
I went to a technician guess what he told me
guess what he told me
he said girl you better try to have Word Press
no matter what you do
but he’s a fool

cause nothing trackbacks
nothing trackbacks to you

All the pictures that you uploaded mother
in the server
all died when line went away
I know that living with you, blog, was sometimes hard
but I’m willing to give it another smilie.






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  1. Avatar Black Cat

    Ommioddiooo, lo hai addirittura segnalato? 😀 E pensa che mio marito quando lo ha letto voleva quasi
    chiedere di togliermi la custodia del figlio per evidente pazzia!!! Grazie per avermi ricordato dei
    feed: quando ho rifatto il template mi ero dimenticata di aggiungerli. Ora ci sono 😉