20 Domande per una Personalitaà Migliore

A T T E N Z I O N E ! Questo post ha piu’ di sei mesi. Le informazioni contenute potrebbero non essere aggiornate.

Questo mi ispirava, quindi l’ho fatto:

Wackiness: 30/100
Rationality: 62/100
Constructiveness: 18/100
Leadership: 18/100

You are a SRDF–Sober Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a Fountain of Knowledge.

You are cool, analytical, intelligent and completely unfunny. Sometimes you slice through conversation with a cutting observation that causes silence and sidelong glances. You make a strong and lasting impression on everyone you meet, the quality of which depends more on their personality than yours.

You may feel persecuted, as you can become a target for fun. Still, you are focused enough on your work and secure enough in your abilities not to worry overly.

You are productive and invaluable to those you work for. You are loyal, steadfast, and conscientious. Your grooming is impeccable. You are in good shape.

You are kind of a tool, but you get things done. You are probably a week away from snapping.

Addendum, 2004/07/19: this fits me 99%, there is a slight inaccuracy however. We are not necessarily completely unfunny. If we have a sense of humor (I do) it surfaces on the occasion with well-timed, completely dry, very sarcastic, wit. – Chase

Of the 109789 people who have taken this quiz since tracking began (8/17/2004), 7.6 % are this type.

In effetti l’addendum cade a proposito: non credo di essere “completely unfunny”. Di solito non mi sento un “target for fun”, e non sono “in good shape”.

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