"I'm brave but I'm chicken shit"

Blogging for the IT Professional

Intro to Blogging for the IT Professional.
Linee guida per i tecnici che non conoscono i meccanismi dei blog.

What is a Good Blog:
Passionate, Authoritative, Credible. Remember these!
Passion comes from something you love to do.
Authority comes from posting about stuff other people think is good. Talk about the entire industry? Close minded?
Credibility comes from letting people know your biases, conflicts of interests. DON’T LIE. You will get caught. The audience is a lot smarter than you are.

Corporate Blogging:
Assume boss is reading your blog!






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  1. Avatar Tambu

    ahah 🙂
    per ora il mio capo non legge… ma molti miei colleghi si (ma la cosa � reciproca, niente paura 😛 )

  2. Avatar Barbara

    Il mio capo per fortuna manco sa cos� il browser 😀